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Born out of a relentless passion for human performance and physique enhancement, Train East aims to better individuals through a sustainable approach to fitness.

We specialize in providing training and nutrition strategies for athletes and lifestyle clients alike. Delivering top notch results whilst keeping it simple for you.


Over 50+ Satisfied Clients and Counting

Tersea T.
5-Star Rating

"With Ethan as my coach, I was always motivated to try and reach my goals, and I was excited to see progress physically as the weeks went on.

The information that I learned about nutrition and what works best for my body was incredibly helpful and sustainable."
Chris O.
5-Star Rating

"Right after meeting Ethan I new he was the right guy to get me seriously motivated into bettering myself and my body, both mentally and physically.

Ethan was super helpful to get a meal plan going that worked well for me. I would definitely recommend Ethan to anyone who wants to get on the right track to bettering themselves."
Claire W.
5-Star Rating

"Coach Ethan provided an easy-to-follow and delicious meal plan and comprehensive workout plans that fit into my everyday schedule.

Ethan was always available to answer questions or make any changes to my program, and he checked in regularly to make sure I was staying on track and enjoying everything."
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Coaching Overview
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We’ll be working directly with each other and checking in throughout every week to ensure progression towards your goals.

We're available 24/7 for communication via messenger or scheduled call.

You'll be using our new app to view your plans and track your progress along the way.

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Customized nutrition plans to ensure you’re fulfilling your body and minds needs for peak mental and physical performance.

Plans focus on getting adequate daily intakes of nutrients, and optimizing nutrition around your daily schedule whilst keeping things enjoyable and sustainable.

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Specially designed training mesocycles with periodization and autoregulation.

Intelligently selected movements with all of the necessary cues as well as execution assessments.

In-person & group training days (Halifax).

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Comprehensive supplement protocols aligned with your goals.

Supplementation starts with a healthy base in mind; next, it can be used to leverage performance and longevity in and out of the gym as well as increase quality of life.

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With Train East you'll be taking steps forward every single day towards your goals.

As long as you can apply effort, we guarantee exceptional results when you work with us.

Feel free to send us a message or fill out our on-boarding form below, we'd be happy to see if our team can assist you with your fitness goals!

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