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5-Star Rating
Tersea T.
"With Ethan as my coach, I was always motivated to try and reach my goals, and I was excited to see progress physically as the weeks went on.

The information that I learned about nutrition and what works best for my body was incredibly helpful and sustainable.

I had been trying to lose weight and bodyfat for a while, trying to figure out on my own what would work for me, but with Ethan's help and the guidance of the program I was able to really understand where I was going wrong and what I could do to improve.

This was definitely a success for me, about a month and a half later and I have now lost 11 pounds and am almost down 5% body fat!"
5-Star Rating
Chris O.
"Right after meeting Ethan I new he was the right guy to get me seriously motivated into bettering myself and my body, both mentally and physically.

Ethan was super easy and helpful to get a meal plan going that worked good for me.

I would definitely recommend Ethan to anyone who wants to get on the right track to bettering themselves"
5-Star Rating
Ashley C.
"Ethan was so flexible when helping me sort through different foods and making a meal plan that was custom made for me.

He taught me how to understand macronutrients which allows me to continue eating healthier even now that I am finished the program.

I am insanely pleased with my results, I was feeling very pudgy and self conscious during the pandemic while the gyms were closed and it was time to get myself back into shape.

I feel amazing, I never thought I would look and feel this great again, I want to shout out a huge thank you to Coach Ethan again, he was incredible, held me accountable and did everything he could to help me achieve my goals."
5-Star Rating
Claire W.
"Coach Ethan provided an easy-to-follow and delicious meal plan and comprehensive workout plans that fit into my everyday schedule.

Coach Ethan was always available to answer questions or make any changes to my program, and he checked in regularly to make sure I was staying on track and enjoying everything."
5-Star Rating
Laura K.

5-Star Rating
Madi M.
"Ethan helped me get back on track with my fitness. He helped me create a reasonable  plan that didn’t feel too intense but helped me launch healthy habits.

He got me back to a place where I feel confident and healthy."
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Kyla J.

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Anna G.
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Shaina V.

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Zack W.

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Rachyl O

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Sarah T.

Coach Ethan